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Cedar Band Paiute Center


Betty Cuch

Phone: (435) 586-9433
600 N 100 E P.O. Box 235


Students interested in this service learning opportunity will be responsible for developing a program that is targeted to Paiute tribal members. Public health concerns regarding this population include: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and physical activity. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans is overweight or obese. The Native American population has the highest prevalence rate of diagnosed diabetes compared to all other ethnic groups (CDC, 2011). Major risks associated with obesity include: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease.

This service opportunity is geared toward 3rd or 4th year students. Students will be involved in several different projects including: Developing a monthly Journey to Wellness Newsletter, creating new physician profiles with a 1 to 2 page biography and pictures, participate in media development as part of the Special Diabetes Program, develop Health Care Team brochures for each clinic, and provide ideas on how to develop infrastructure, and increase case management.

The monthly Newsletter will be distributed to the community and will contain information on cultural awareness, upcoming events, and health and wellness including healthy recipes.

Other Information

*For SUU and Dixie State students