Fall 2019

UHS Tutors List

We’re Here to Help!

UHS offers one-on-one tutoring for a wide variety of classes required to enter graduate school in the medical field.  Don’t hesitate to call our tutors when you need help with your classwork!

See the list below of our tutors and the subjects that they are available for.  If you need tutoring in a class not listed, please contact Kasey Shakespear at Kasey.Shakespear@dixie.edu to request this subject.

To utilize free, private tutoring offered through UHS, each student receiving tutoring assistance must report to our office weekly how many hours of tutoring you received and from whom. This is our “checks and balance” system in paying our tutors and is required by our Human Resources Department.

You must email the number of hours and the name of your tutor to Kasey.Shakespear@dixie.edu each week.


Kasey Shakespear

Health Science Adjunct

Email: Kasey.Shakespear@dixie.edu


Email: dixierhs@dixie.edu