Washington County Children’s Justice Center

Washington County Children’s Justice Center

Contact Information

Shelley Teeples
463 E. 500 S. St. George, UT 84770
Phone: (435) 634-1134
Email: shelley.teeples@washco.utah.gov
Website: https://www.cjcwc.com


  • To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere for alleged victims of child abuse to receive coordinated services during the investigative process
  • To decrease the secondary trauma that can inadvertently be caused by the criminal justice and child protection systems
  • To encourage the prompt and efficient processing of cases by the sharing of information and improving coordination
  • To minimize through coordinated efforts the number of times a child may be interviewed
  • To focus on what is in the best interests of the child by providing every opportunity for service, protection, and prosecution where appropriate
  • To track children’s cases as needed for the benefit of the children.
  • To ensure that every child who is alleged to have been physically or sexually abused receives a medical examination, as deemed appropriate
  • To ensure that each child who enters the CJC for an interview will be treated with respect and caring, with no regard to their ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability

How Can I Volunteer?

  • We need volunteers to place follow-up phone calls to parents and fill out contact sheets
  • Volunteers can help make parent packets
  • Update and throw away out of date information and brochures
  • Help copy parent packet documents and CJC brochures
  • Call and talk with therapists in St. George about their services for a master provider list