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SUU Service Learning Opportunities

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Southwestern Utah Public Health Department


Kylaas Flanagan

Phone: (435) 586-2437
260 E. DL Sargent Dr
Cedar City, Utah 84721


Student volunteers can assist with programs locally like the Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative, END (End Nicotine Dependence), Youth Prevention Coalitions, Car Seat Education, Prescription Drug Dropboxes, Play Unplugged (fun summer activities for kids), and Farmer’s Markets. In addition, volunteers are needed to conduct research on the needs of the local community. Contact Kylaas Flanagan for more information.

Other Information


There are training opportunities if you sign up. You are called upon in an emergency. They pay for you to attend trainings and conferences. There are drills and exercises they go over periodically. Great for your resume! There are leadership teams and education teams to teach at the elementary schools, especially in September.

How can you sign up?

Go to > click “Register Now” > Click “Add Organizations” then “Medical Reserve Corps” then check the box for “Southwest Utah Medical Reserve Corps”. Finish filling out registration form. Free training and then if they have a disaster and stuff you can help out. In September & October they have flu shoot-outs. Emergency Vaccination Drill- September 24th at the Cedar City Hospital from 9am-1pm. (if you are a member of MRC)

Nicholas (Regional Coordinator)
Phone: (435) 986-2556


Education is a huge issue for public health departments. Therefore, volunteers are needed to present information on public trends, health issues, and diseases. Interested students should contact Kylaas Flanagan directly.

Contact Carrie: (435) 865-5188