Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation

Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation

Contact Information

Dorothy Engelman
Phone: (435) 879-1558
Washington, Utah


Our organization holds weekly support meetings and is looking for 4 groups or individuals who would be willing to provide a meal for 4-5 adults and 6-8 children once a month. If we can find 4 groups or individuals who will do this, they would be responsible for just 1 week per month. These do not need to be elaborate…casseroles, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, fruit are all possibilities. Please contact to volunteer or if you have questions.

Once a month yard maintenance. This would include weeding, caring for plants, taking care of leaves and removing litter. This can be done any day of the week. Would be great for groups.

Social Media & Marketing Skills Needed: Assist staff in developing and implementing a marketing plan that will inform the community about the public health crises of family violence, dating violence and community resources to assist. May include newsletters, social media, public service announcements and promotion of events.