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Hospice Volunteers

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

You will be required to fill out paperwork and do an employment orientation and specific volunteer training. The volunteer training prepared you for situation you may encounter with the patients and their love ones. This training is accomplished with a set of videos than can even be viewed in your own home at your convenience.

What Happens next?

After training is completed, you are matched with a patient. Who you are matched with is determined by the time you have available, the needs of the patient, and like-interests the two of you may have.
Volunteers generally give about 1-3 hours per week of their time. The volunteer often stays with the patient while the caregiver takes a little needed time away. It is up to the volunteer how much time and when to go.
The nurse of social worker can go with the volunteer on the first visit.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

  1. Patient Support

    • provide companionship and support
    • help with phone calls
    • read to patient
    • help with correspondence
    • listen to music or watch a movie
    • hold a hand and sit with them
    • apply lotion , polish nails, comb hair
  2. Caregiver Support

    • give encouragement and support
    • run errands
    • offer bereavement support
    • give respite care
    • help prepare meals
    • water plants, assist in yard


  • help with a personal memoir
  • do crafts or art work
  • take patient for a walk
  • play cards or other games
  • give a hand or foot massage
  • look at photos or family videos
  • bring flowers, magazines, appropriate treats
  • sing and/ or laugh together
  • listen

Experience the joy and purpose that comes from serving another.
We want you — Our patients need you.