Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HLOC 3000R and BIOL 3000R?

The short answer is nothing. All UHS advanced classes are cross listed as both HLOC 3000R and BIOL 3000R, registering for either listing puts you in the same course. The reason why we have two different listings is because BIOL 3000R is included as an upper division elective for the Biology Biomedical degree. You can have 2 credits of BIOL 3000R as part of the 12 credit hours of upper division electives required to graduate with that degree. We recommend if you are a biology degree that you register for BIOL 3000R, if you are any other major, it doesn’t matter which you register for.

How many semesters can I take UHS

There is an urban myth at DSU that you can only take UHS for 2 semesters, however, you can take HLOC 3000R or BIOL 3000R for up to 8 semesters. Thus if you start in HLOC 2000, and mix up which courses you register for, you could theoretically be in UHS up to 17 semesters! Thus, there essentially is no real limit to how many semesters you can be in UHS.

Should I be in UHS every semester?

Ideally, yes! As you move through the process of working toward applying to your health care program, the tasks that you need to complete change. Your focus early on is to complete service/patient exposure/leadership/shadowing etc. As you move toward applying, there is exam prep, school selection, application assistant, interview prep, etc. Each semester, UHS has something unique to offer, and the longer you stay active, the more opportunities and resources you will have access to, which means you are improving as a candidate each and every semester you are in UHS.

How does UHS help me if I am nursing?

Our Pre-Nursing track in UHS was built directly with the DSU nursing program, and our pre-nursing seminars are taught by DSU nursing faculty and alumni. Each of the four pre-nursing classes has something unique to offer you as far as content is concerned. Along with the excellent information and networking offered in the seminars, you maintain access to UHS resources such as tutoring each semester you are in the program. You also gain additional points on your nursing application at DSU for service you complete, so being active in UHS and completing your service is directly increasing your score as an applicant.

How do I see which seminar is which?

When you open the registration page, the box that shows the title of the seminar is condensed, and HLOC/BIOL 3000R seminars appear to just say “Advanced Utah Health Scholars.” If you expand that box, you will see that each course actually has a title. You can also see more information about each topic in the UHS seminar list for the semester (attached to this announcement).

Which advanced seminar should I take?

This is an excellent question, and the answer is a different for everyone. Areas to consider when selecting a UHS seminar include your interests, career goals, and where you are at in your timeline to apply. If you are applying in the following summer, there are test prep and application prep seminars that you will want to be enrolled in. Beyond that, you should consider which topics provide you with content that interests you and which may give you skills and knowledge that directly relate to your career goals.  Our UHS staff is happy to talk through options with you individually.